Wobbly Legs In Yoga Class? How To Stabilise Your Legs.


Yoga tips for weak legs in class

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It’s really very important to ensure that your legs feel strong and stable when you are going into, in and coming out of any yoga pose. In particular for the standing poses the weakest joints may be vulnerable to injury if they aren’t consciously stabilised during a pose. This image will help to remind you of a checklist to mentally run through every time you practice at home. Your yoga teacher will be reminding you of these during your class and it’s important to have attended some classes before you begin to develop your home practice.

1. Root down through your feet
How? Bring your full attention to the soles of your feet. Feel the texture of the mat on the soles. Evenly distribute your weight on your feet.

2. Hug the muscles to the bone
Hug the muscles of the whole leg to the bone from foot to bum. It’s a gentle hug, like embracing a friend, rather than a iron grip!  This action stabilises the joints.

3. Draw foot to foot
Engage the muscles of your legs as if you were trying to scissor your feet together. If you were wearing socks on a slippy floor, your feet would slide together but the sticky mat keeps your soles where they are and the muscles you have engaged as to do this are now aligning your hips correctly.

4. Constantly listen to your body
Be fully present and aware of all physical sensations. You need to know when your body is tired. Stay in your zone of effort but do not cross the line into struggle, pain or tension … there is no benefit from this zone. Know when to come out of the pose, your teacher can’t know this for you.

Enjoy developing your home practice. It’s an exciting time.  Comment (link to comments below the title heading above) or  post on Facebook, let me know how you got on and ask any questions.

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