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Home Brewed Kombucha

Home Brewed Kombucha

Kombucha is a drink you can easily make at home which is filled with natural probiotics – healthy bacteria and yeast. Adding these probiotics to your diet is important, they are the bedrock of not only your digestive system but also impacts on overall health. If we aren’t digesting properly  then every single system of the body, physical and mental, feels the effect.  Digesting properly means that the healthy gut flora are present to help break down what we eat into components that our bodies can ingest and use to grow, repair and energise. The presence of the correct probiotics are also thought to assist in efficiently eliminating toxins and waste products, thus preventing harmful and disruptive toxins or wastes from being absorbed into the body.

Our modern lifestyles unfortunately deplete our natural healthy bacteria and yeast, and promotes an unbalanced mix. This unbalance can cause weight gain, malnutrition, immune system problems and symptoms suffered by those who have systemic (candida) or local (thrush) yeast infections

Kombucha helps to replenish basic gut health that has been reduced by sedentary living (not enough exercise), drinking treated tap water, eating foods that contain pesticides and herbicides, stress, acidic diets (too much sugar and meat), a reduction in probiotic rich foods from our daily diets, processed foods that contain preservatives and anti-biotic treatments.

Where can you get hold of a Kombucha mother so start your own brew? Ask friends. Traditionally Kombucha has been shared freely amongst the community. As you brew the mother ‘pancake’ will grow and get thicker. This can be split in half to create another mother culture. You can also buy mail order commercial Kombucha kits on line or look for websites where Kombucha brewers register and you can request a free culture.

Brewing is great fun. Growing and nurturing a living culture is very rewarding and helps to reconnect you to nature and to plug back into your environment, with mother Earth. Nurturing your positive affinity with healthy food is an important step in taking responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

If brewing doesn’t interest you it’s possible to buy bottled ready made Kombucha like Synerchi in Ireland. Most health food shops stock these and they are becoming more available in health conscious cafes and restaurants.

I you start brewing, let me know how you are getting on and share the health benefits you feel.


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