“I attended Rebecca’s Shiatsu clinic for the successful treatment of a physical leg injury. During our initial consultation I also mentioned that I suffer with extremely heavy periods. I am delighted that not only did my injury heal but my periods are now what I would call ‘normal’ and that’s a very significant change for me”.CM, 2013

Rebecca’s Yoga classes are so enjoyable and relaxing. I attended classes years ago and when I took it up with Rebecca This year I Realised What A Natural Teacher She Is. Her classes flow beautifully and if u come in stressed u go out on a cloud. Her classes have such a lovely energy too which I enjoy. I love the class size too because u get individual attention and she knows her students and what they r able for. Rebecca has truly found her vocation in life I feel both with her Yoga and her Shiatsu. 2014

“It’s nearly a year since I first started coming to you Rebecca for Shiatsu. It only came to me recently when I compare how I was feeling a year ago to how I am now that there is no comparison. All I need now is a top up session regularly to help me remain pain and stress free. Amazing. Can’t thank you enough.” 2014

”Had one of the most relaxing treatments I’ve ever experienced. Thanks Rebecca.” M, 2014 

“Rebecca is an amazing therapist with great intuition. Her presence is calm and healing and her treatment is pure bliss both physically and mentally. Love her!!”

“Rebecca is an amazing therapist who treats the whole person mind, body and spirit. She will listen to you and facilitate the healing process through meditation, shiatsu or nutritional therapy. A gifted lady indeed.”

 “As a 36 year old working Mum of three small children life is a lot about other people’s needs…Shiatsu therapy gave me a space to connect with me.  The hourly sessions of Shiatsu allowed me to sense with my inner tunings and helped bring to focus what needed tending to on the inside.  As a result of my work with Rebecca my energy levels have been restored and  I feel a lot more positive and confident. Being warm hearted and calm Rebecca will immediately put you at ease and you will know you are in the hands of a powerful practitioner.” Claire, 2013

“The most relaxing hour you will ever spend. Heal and relax in a beautiful space all complimented by the brilliant Rebecca. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Rebecca has made such huge changes to me both physically and mentally in a few short months.” R

“I have been receiving a weekly Shiatsu treatment from Rebecca for the last few months. I work as a full time yoga instructor and I feel the need to ‘give back’ to myself. It compliments my own yoga practice greatly! It gives me lots of lovely energy during the week and I feel happy that I’ve taken the time to nurture myself. I would highly recommend Rebecca’s Shiatsu treatment to anyone as I know you’ll leave feeling amazing! Thanks Rebecca & see you soon, Namaste.” Tara

“Rebecca is a wonderful therapist with a beautiful calm and gentle energy about her. As a Reflexologist and massage therapist myself I find it is important to take a bit of “me time” to help rejuvenate so I can continue to give to my own clients. I had a fantastic treatment with Rebecca yesterday and I feel revived both mentally and physically today, thank you so much Rebecca, see you soon.” H, 2014

“I have suffered from severe back pain related to stress for the past 10 years, on and off.  Though I have tried many different therapies, I found that I wasn’t able to get to a point where I could relax enough to begin alleviating the pain.  Through Shiatsu, I have finally been able to relax and ease the tension from my back, neck and shoulders.  I leave the Shiatsu therapies feeling refreshed and completely chilled out! The back stiffness is gone and I am able to turn my head more freely than I have for a long long time.  I couldn’t recommend it enough to everyone!” N, 32

‘Rebecca is a superb practitioner with high levels of intuition. Her field of knowledge is vast and I had very good results from my sessions with her. A, 2012.’