Returning To Gentle Yoga  After Injury or Illness

Returning to Gentle Exercise

Returning To Gentle Yoga  After Injury or Illness

Returning To Gentle Yoga After Injury or Illness

Check this wonderful lady out. I’m very proud of her. Personally I love welcoming people to my class who have been unable to exercise for a period of time, due to illness, an injury or perhaps a body image perception. Read more

Preparing the She Shed Venue

The She Shed Self Care Retreat For Women

she shed event page banner june 2015This Friday 12th June is the first She Shed event, running from 10.30am to 2.30pm, to facilitate busy Mums, so they can come when kids are in school. This workshop is booked out but we are definitely going to run it again in July or September. Please get in touch if you’d like to be added to the workshop mailing list and you’ll be one of the first to hear about the next one. Read more

June Yoga Classes, Carrick on Shannon

Yoga Classes, Carrick on Shannon, June 2015

Yoga Classes, Carrick on Shannon, June 2015

If you’ve wanted to try out yoga for a while then why not give it a go this month? Join a class that suits your level on Wednesday evenings or Thursday mornings in Carrick on Shannon, Bridge Street.

Wednesday 6pm or 7.30pm
Thursday 10.15am or 11.30am

All classes are suitable for beginners/improvers except the 11.30am which is a strong yoga class.

I usually write about the benefits of yoga when I’m publishing class schedules but this time I asked my current students if anybody would like to write something that might inspire a beginner who may be feeling a little apprehensive about joining … so Ruth kindly posted this over on my Facebook page. I hope that if you’ve been considering trying yoga, that Ruths words will encourage you to pick up the phone to call me for a chat, text, email or message via Facebook.

I love attending Rebeccas Yoga Classes. I love the fact that she moderates the exercises so you have a choice of how far you go in a particular stretch from minimum to moderate to high. She always encourages you to listen to your body and to only go as far as is comfortable so there is no pressure to keep up. Everyone is so engrossed in what they are doing that I personally don’t be looking at anyone else which I find great. You do feel though that you have been stretched and that you have had a lovely relaxed workout which I love.

You don’t have to sweat and pant to tone your body with yoga. It’s amazing how quickly you adopt to yoga and how flexible you become, no matter what age you are, after only a few weeks. Everyone in Rebeccas classes love her classes and look forward to the relaxation time at the end when you snuggle up in your blanket/wrap etc. Nobody want to leave at this stage as we are all on this lovely relaxed cloud.

A good nights sleep is guaranteed after all of Rebeccas classes. I am a very bad sleeper but this is just the ticket for me and I always sleep so well afterwards. It is very relaxed and friendly especially for all newcomers.

Rebecca Allen Yoga StudioLooking forward to hearing from you,

Rebecca :)
Contact Details 

she shed event page banner june 2015

Womens Self Care Retreat

The She Shed is a womens self care retreat, a concept that myself and my holistic health colleague Angela Chilton came up with over a cup of tea recently. Through my work as a yoga teacher and shiatsu massage therapist, and hers as a homeopath, we both acknowledged the need for busy women to carve out time for themselves for some self care.  As mothers, carers and business women we often neglect our own needs, putting others first.

she shed event page banner june 2015

The She Shed is a day set aside just for you. From 10.30am – 2.30pm we will immerse ourselves in a range of activities to check in with ourselves, recharge our batteries and define our boundaries … so you can clearly define your own self care needs. We will eat excellent food, we will gently move our bodies with yoga, switch off our busy minds during meditation and tap into our inner oasis of peace, calm and clarity. We’ll find out how homeopathy can help women, we’ll break bread together and laugh at lunch. Last but not least we’ll sit together and sew something very simple but easy. A memento of the day to remind ourselves to take a few minutes each day to ourselves, longer when we need it.

Come and join us. No previous experience of yoga, sewing or meditation necessary.

To book your place call, message or text 086 8789546. €50 includes food and materials.

Find out more at The She Shed on Facebook.

Triangle pose on the beach

Yoga Class Schedule

Vrksasana on the beach

Vrksasana on the beach

Yoga Classes, Carrick on Shannon

6pm Wednesdays –  Gentle Beginners Yoga.
7.30pm Wednesdays –  Gentle Yoga – Relaxation & Winding Down. Also suitable for beginners.

10.15am Thursdays – Beginners & Continuer’s Yoga – Relax & Energise.
11.30am Thursdays – Strong Yoga – For athletic, fit folk or students who have attended beginners/continuers yoga for at least four terms and who feel that Downward Dog has become a comfortable resting pose. Class contains sun salutations, flow, asana, pranayama and meditation.


All classes include breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation time.
Current, previous and new students always welcomed.

One to one sessions and small group classes available by appointment.

€40 four weeks yoga. Catch any other class that week if you miss your regular class.
€12 drop in subject to availability.

Booking essential. Give me a shout with any questions, or to book, 086 8789546.


Tree Pose

Yoga Classes, Carrick on Shannon

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

My new Spring Yoga Classes begin this week and yes, they are suitable for beginners :)

  • Wednesday : 6pm & 7.30pm (both gentle evening yoga)
  • Thursday :  10.15am (gentle morning yoga) & 11.30am (strong yoga)
  • One to One Yoga : by appointment only. Tailored to your needs.Booking essential. Places limited. Venue – Carrick on Shannon.4 week term €40. Drop in €12.Call now to reserve your yoga class 086 8789546

    Classes are gentle but everyone has an opportunity to take poses deeper or hold them longer. Variations and supports are offered for all poses to make them accessible for all. The aim is to enjoy your practice at every level. A respect and acceptance of your body (and all bodies) is encouraged. Enjoying the movement, the journey and the present moment is our aim in every class. Accepting the present brings evolution and change.Everyones journey is personal and unique.Classes are often themed to work on certain topics, for example, to balance immunity, calm the nervous system, address insomnia, hormonal imbalances, stress & anxiety, to improve posture, settle digestion, reduce sugar cravings etc using acupressure points and yoga postures that settle the corresponding energy meridians.Meditation is also an integral part of classes. We take a few minutes at the beginning of every class to fully arrive, settle and set our intentions. Again at the end of class we have a 10 minute relaxation meditation to allow the work, physical and emotional, to assimilate within our bodies and minds. Bliss!11.30am Strong Yoga is more physically challenging and is for those who have practiced yoga for several terms and are comfortable with several rounds of sun salutations, or are athletic and feel strong.

    Strength, flexibility, balance and mindbody awareness are nurtured in every class.

    If you’d like to join me, Rebecca, please call 086 8789546 to reserve your place in class or to discuss any queries you may have further. Mats are provided.

    Poster artwork by Rebecca Allen (me!) ‘Vrksasana – Tree Pose’
    Tree Pose benefits include :
    – rejuvenation
    – balance & equilibrium to body and mind
    – relieves sciatica
    – improves concentration
    – strengthens the legs
    – improves balance
    – releases tension in the hips

    Enjoy trying out this and other postures in a friendly fun and welcoming class.

    Come join me on the my general Facebook page Holistic Yoga Life for daily holistic health updates.
    When you come to class you’ll also get access to our private Facebook Group, reserved for students attending my classes. It contains further information and some of my videos about what we cover in class.

Upper Body Gentle Stretch & Release to Reduce Tension

Use this short and simple practice to relax and release the arms, shoulders, upper back and neck. Lovely to do first thing in the morning to bring some mobility and oxygen to the cells and muscles, wake them up. Link your movement with your breath to deeply calm your nervous system and to help anchor you fully in the present moment. It’s also a great  practice to do at least every 40 minutes if you are working at a desk, get those limbs and joints moving to avoid stagnation and reduce pain or tension.

Move slowly, bringing your attention to how the movements feel.  Contain your movement within a range that feels good and involves some effort but never pain or discomfort. If you encounter pain or discomfort make smaller movements until you find a pain free range. This is where your beneficial therapy is. Enjoy it.


Yoga tips for weak legs in class

Wobbly Legs In Yoga Class? How To Stabilise Your Legs.


Yoga tips for weak legs in class

Click on the poster above to enlarge the image

It’s really very important to ensure that your legs feel strong and stable when you are going into, in and coming out of any yoga pose. In particular for the standing poses the weakest joints may be vulnerable to injury if they aren’t consciously stabilised during a pose. This image will help to remind you of a checklist to mentally run through every time you practice at home. Your yoga teacher will be reminding you of these during your class and it’s important to have attended some classes before you begin to develop your home practice.

1. Root down through your feet
How? Bring your full attention to the soles of your feet. Feel the texture of the mat on the soles. Evenly distribute your weight on your feet.

2. Hug the muscles to the bone
Hug the muscles of the whole leg to the bone from foot to bum. It’s a gentle hug, like embracing a friend, rather than a iron grip!  This action stabilises the joints.

3. Draw foot to foot
Engage the muscles of your legs as if you were trying to scissor your feet together. If you were wearing socks on a slippy floor, your feet would slide together but the sticky mat keeps your soles where they are and the muscles you have engaged as to do this are now aligning your hips correctly.

4. Constantly listen to your body
Be fully present and aware of all physical sensations. You need to know when your body is tired. Stay in your zone of effort but do not cross the line into struggle, pain or tension … there is no benefit from this zone. Know when to come out of the pose, your teacher can’t know this for you.

Enjoy developing your home practice. It’s an exciting time.  Comment (link to comments below the title heading above) or  post on Facebook, let me know how you got on and ask any questions.

yoga poses for stronger legs

Four Yoga Poses For Stronger Legs & Self Love

yoga poses for stronger legsNot only will these asana help to improve the physical strength of your legs they are also a great way to bring your focus into the present moment , help you feel very grounded and clearly form your personal boundaries. Use them to increase your confidence levels and to decrease stress hormones.

Strike a Warrior 2 when you need to tap into your inner confidence, a Vrksasana tree pose to embrace your sway/balance, Trikonasana the triangle to help find a different perspective on life and Parsvakonasana for clarity. Any pose helps you to observe your self talk in a challenging situation, be kind with yourself, stay present, accept the challenge because stress arises when we can’t accept the reality of a situation that we are unable to change. Accept the now, with self love and trust that the rest will evolve and follow. Listen to the needs of your body, respect it’s limitations and be grateful for whatever level of pose you can move into today.

These are all strong poses that require guidance from a teacher until you know how to get into and out of them safely, so find a local teacher and then use reminders like this one to trigger your memory for your home practice.

How has yoga helped you?


yoga socks Yogamatters

Why We Do Yoga With Both Our Feet Totally Buck Naked

New students often ask ‘Why do I need to take off my socks?’. People have a range of reasons for not wanting to part with their socks … cold feet, skin infections, fear of catching a skin infection and some people simply don’t like showing off their feet. So why is it essential to remove your socks during yoga?

1. Safety – Socks are slippy, they increase the risk of sliding and injury.
2. Grounding – Bare feet on your mat allow deeper grounding, it’s a sensation that will grow with your practice. Soon you won’t want to wear socks.
3. Effectiveness – your poses will be more effective. Better grounding and more stability allows the ‘root to rise’ to really take effect.

So when arriving at my yoga classes please remove and leave shoes outside the studio in the hall before entering the yoga room. There’s a place inside the room to hang coats and bags. This helps to keep the floor clean for bare feet. It’s also a traditional mark of respect to the space in which yoga is practised.

Yoga mats are designed to be used with bare feet.  They are produced with an intended level of ‘stickiness’ on contact with bare skin. If you have a contagious foot condition please bring your own yoga mat and put socks back on when moving off your mat. Many people prefer to invest in their own yoga mat so it’s perfectly acceptable to arrive at class with your own mat. It doesn’t scream ‘I have a foot infection’. It says ‘Yay, I love yoga so much that I invested in my own mat so I can do yoga at home too’.

If it makes you feel more comfortable you can bring baby wipes to freshen up feet before class. If you don’t have your own mat you are welcome to use mine and if you prefer you can bring anti-bacterial wipes to clean down a class mat before and/or after class if you wish.

If you really really can’t bare to go barefoot with the above suggestions you could invest in some specially designed sticky yoga socks such as these

yoga socks Yogamatters

Love your feet. They carry you.