Shiatsu along the spine

Yoga & Shiatsu Massage Testimonials

It’s always lovely to receive new testimonials. Three new 5* reviews arrived this week so as you can imagine I’m really delighted that Shiatsu is being well received. One is from a client who was visiting Carrick on Shannon from Germany and the other two from local businesswomen. Thank you ladies <3


I had the great luxury of getting a shiatsu treatment from Rebecca and it was AMAZING! Highly recommend!!! Love her vibe and loved the treatment. Back for more soon! :)

I was lucky enough to find Rebecca’s web site while on a quick trip to Ireland, and I couldn’t have been more pleased that I did. It had been a long time since I had had shiatsu, and Rebecca is a wonderful practitioner. She fixed me right up: Untwisting my shoulders, releasing a ton of tension, and helping me feel more balanced and grounded than I have been in months–all with very little pressure and that “magic” touch that is indicative of great shiatsu. I can’t thank Rebecca enough for making a challenging travel week much, much easier to bear! Too bad I wasn’t around longer to benefit from her expertise a few more times.

If you really want help to wind down and relax, contact Rebecca. I’ve had trouble sleeping and this has helped no end. Happy to recommend both her Yoga class and her Shiatsu massages. She is patient in her classes, and in terms of her massage, she’s as good as any of the expensive spa’s that I’ve been to. Well worth it.

You can read more testimonials on this websites front page or on my Holistic Yoga Life facebook page. If you’ve had a Shiatsu Treatment or attended one of my yoga classes please do leave your review if you feel inspired.



Tree Pose

Yoga Classes, Carrick on Shannon

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

My new Spring Yoga Classes begin this week and yes, they are suitable for beginners :)

  • Wednesday : 6pm & 7.30pm (both gentle evening yoga)
  • Thursday :  10.15am (gentle morning yoga) & 11.30am (strong yoga)
  • One to One Yoga : by appointment only. Tailored to your needs.Booking essential. Places limited. Venue – Carrick on Shannon.4 week term €40. Drop in €12.Call now to reserve your yoga class 086 8789546

    Classes are gentle but everyone has an opportunity to take poses deeper or hold them longer. Variations and supports are offered for all poses to make them accessible for all. The aim is to enjoy your practice at every level. A respect and acceptance of your body (and all bodies) is encouraged. Enjoying the movement, the journey and the present moment is our aim in every class. Accepting the present brings evolution and change.Everyones journey is personal and unique.Classes are often themed to work on certain topics, for example, to balance immunity, calm the nervous system, address insomnia, hormonal imbalances, stress & anxiety, to improve posture, settle digestion, reduce sugar cravings etc using acupressure points and yoga postures that settle the corresponding energy meridians.Meditation is also an integral part of classes. We take a few minutes at the beginning of every class to fully arrive, settle and set our intentions. Again at the end of class we have a 10 minute relaxation meditation to allow the work, physical and emotional, to assimilate within our bodies and minds. Bliss!11.30am Strong Yoga is more physically challenging and is for those who have practiced yoga for several terms and are comfortable with several rounds of sun salutations, or are athletic and feel strong.

    Strength, flexibility, balance and mindbody awareness are nurtured in every class.

    If you’d like to join me, Rebecca, please call 086 8789546 to reserve your place in class or to discuss any queries you may have further. Mats are provided.

    Poster artwork by Rebecca Allen (me!) ‘Vrksasana – Tree Pose’
    Tree Pose benefits include :
    – rejuvenation
    – balance & equilibrium to body and mind
    – relieves sciatica
    – improves concentration
    – strengthens the legs
    – improves balance
    – releases tension in the hips

    Enjoy trying out this and other postures in a friendly fun and welcoming class.

    Come join me on the my general Facebook page Holistic Yoga Life for daily holistic health updates.
    When you come to class you’ll also get access to our private Facebook Group, reserved for students attending my classes. It contains further information and some of my videos about what we cover in class.

Shiatsu Massage Therapy, Carrick on Shannon

RAThe ancient art of Shiatsu massage body therapy has arrived in Carrick on Shannon, Co Leitrim. This form of massage is received fully clothed, at ground level on a futon mattress. Unlike Swedish massage, Shiatsu uses a combination of palming and thumbing. Palming involves the giver using body weight to gently and slowly add gentle pressure to the back and limbs, resulting in the muscles relaxing underneath. Thumbing is used to work along energy meridians and hold certain acupressure points, encouraging flow of energy and a return to physical and mental balance.

Shiatsu is incredibly relaxing. The process increases the receivers own bodymind awareness, gently highlighting areas that may be holding tension. Shiatsu is not painful and works respectfully by encouraging relaxation from skin level down through each layer of muscle. As muscles relax the giver projects even to bone level in the minds eye. The treatment can be profound.

Wow, I had no idea it would be so deeply relaxing. I know you explained it to me beforehand but seriously, you just can’t appreciate how deeply relaxing it is until you’ve experienced it. I mean, I have not been this relaxed for a very very long time.” August, 2014.

Fifteen minute taster, half hour treatment or one hour sessions available by appointment.