yoga poses for stronger legs

Four Yoga Poses For Stronger Legs & Self Love

yoga poses for stronger legsNot only will these asana help to improve the physical strength of your legs they are also a great way to bring your focus into the present moment , help you feel very grounded and clearly form your personal boundaries. Use them to increase your confidence levels and to decrease stress hormones.

Strike a Warrior 2 when you need to tap into your inner confidence, a Vrksasana tree pose to embrace your sway/balance, Trikonasana the triangle to help find a different perspective on life and Parsvakonasana for clarity. Any pose helps you to observe your self talk in a challenging situation, be kind with yourself, stay present, accept the challenge because stress arises when we can’t accept the reality of a situation that we are unable to change. Accept the now, with self love and trust that the rest will evolve and follow. Listen to the needs of your body, respect it’s limitations and be grateful for whatever level of pose you can move into today.

These are all strong poses that require guidance from a teacher until you know how to get into and out of them safely, so find a local teacher and then use reminders like this one to trigger your memory for your home practice.

How has yoga helped you?