Garden & Lawn Flower Mandala

Flower Mandalas, A Creative Way To Destress

Garden & Lawn Flower Mandala

Garden & Lawn Flower Mandala

Today I want to share with you a simple and enjoyable way to meditate outside. It was the lovely Fiona at Nourish & Flourish who first tweaked my interest in flower mandalas when she posted her own beautiful creations.

I found that creating a flower mandala was a lovely gentle way to bring myself into the present moment, tune into nature, switch a busy mind off and connect with my creative and spiritual side. I was surprised that the process of making a mandala was in itself a meditative practice. Read more

Meditate Anywhere

Free 7 Day Destress Guided Meditation ECourse For Beginners

IMG_6094I’m really excited to launch my first e-course … and it’s free. Check it out, share far and wide with anyone you think might benefit …

Would you like to have some me time, clear your head, quiet your mind and destress? All in the comfort of your own home? Join my new FREE Learn To Meditate 7 day ecourse delivered daily to your inbox. You’ll receive a 2 to 5 minute guided video meditation every day and there’s a ‘Learn to Meditate’ Facebook support group where you can share your journey and ask questions. Read more

Triangle pose on the beach

Yoga Class Schedule

Vrksasana on the beach

Vrksasana on the beach

Yoga Classes, Carrick on Shannon

6pm Wednesdays –  Gentle Beginners Yoga.
7.30pm Wednesdays –  Gentle Yoga – Relaxation & Winding Down. Also suitable for beginners.

10.15am Thursdays – Beginners & Continuer’s Yoga – Relax & Energise.
11.30am Thursdays – Strong Yoga – For athletic, fit folk or students who have attended beginners/continuers yoga for at least four terms and who feel that Downward Dog has become a comfortable resting pose. Class contains sun salutations, flow, asana, pranayama and meditation.


All classes include breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation time.
Current, previous and new students always welcomed.

One to one sessions and small group classes available by appointment.

€40 four weeks yoga. Catch any other class that week if you miss your regular class.
€12 drop in subject to availability.

Booking essential. Give me a shout with any questions, or to book, 086 8789546.


Insomnia Point

How to Relieve Insomnia With Acupressure And Sleep Like A Baby

Insomnia can be extremely debilitating and frustrating, effecting every part of your life. Some people can pinpoint exactly what it is that’s keeping them awake, perhaps a worry about possible future events or a continuous replay of something that has happened in the past. Others just lie awake, unable to fall asleep, without there being anything in particular that’s keeping them up at night.

I see a lot of clients who suffer from insomnia and one of the acupressure points that I frequently use and find very effective is Heart Protector 6, called Nei Guan (Inner Pass). It is a very reliable point with a beautiful quality that gathers back scattered heart energy. If you are feeling off centred by stress or trauma then this point can gently but powerfully help you to safely rehouse your consciousness within your heart centre. It brings a sense of peace and calm, helps to quiet a racing mind and allows you to fall into a rejuvenating sleep. I love this point, it’s one of my favourites and I use it a lot in my practice with good results. I also use this point with my children when they are having trouble falling asleep. Children are so receptive to energy work it’s always an inspiration to witness the results.

How to Locate PC6 Inner Gate


PC6 Inner Gate Relieves Insomnia


The point lies three finger widths up from the wrist crease … that’s finger widths of the recipient, so if you are doing this to a child or another adult make allowances for their own finger size. If you are doing this to yourself you’ve no allowances to make! The point is in the centre of your arm, between the two tendons.

Press gently, make contact at skin level and wait here while you ‘say hello’. After 10 or 20 seconds you may feel the skin ‘melt’ a little, inviting your finger tip to sink a little deeper. No force or pressure is used. Simply rest your finger tip on the skin and with time it will naturally sink deeper if the recipient allows it to. They may or may not be aware of holding and releasing tension, your job is to simply wait and see. If you are pressing the point on yourself just see if you can consciously release the layers of skin, muscle and bone beneath your finger tip. Explore the idea. Have no expectation of a result. Simply allow your arm to acknowledge your finger tips presence and see what happens.

If there is no release or melting, do not force, simply hold the point as it is. Stay with the point for perhaps a minute, release and sink again. Repeat up to three times on each wrist. There should be no pain or discomfort, if there is, ease up. Sometimes there will be an energetic release or visible change, such as a big deep breath, a sigh, a big relaxation of a muscle or area of the body. Sometimes you will sense nothing. Sometimes the recipient will tell you later they saw colour, or sensed heat, an energy movement, reconnection, a memory … sometimes nothing. On some level something is happening. Remain non judgemental. Your only role is to remain fully present in the moment. Focusing on the sensation of the point will help you with this.

If it all seems a bit too mumbo jumbo, simply gently hold the point. Things are still happening.

Let me know how you get on and post any questions you might have for me here.

Wonderful tension release for neck, back & shoulders.

What to expect when you go for a Shiatsu massage

When clients call me to book a Shiatsu massage and ask me what it involves, I never feel like I’ve quite got the full picture across. I’ve come to accept that that’s ok! You can never fully explain in words what a Shiatsu massage feels like, you have to experience it. Even if I could explain what it’s like for me, your own experience will be different and unique to you.

Wonderful tension release for neck, back & shoulders.

Wonderful tension release for neck, back & shoulders.

Before I try to explain, and before I fall short of truly getting across verbally the deep sense of relaxation and arriving home that you may feel … I’ll let clients speak for themselves. Here are some comments people have said as they rise from the floor after their Shiatsu :

Wow, that was amazing, I know you tried to explain what it would be like but you really have to experience it to understand … like, wow, I haven’t felt this relaxed since … I really can’t remember how long it’s been’.

‘I didn’t realise how tense my shoulders were until you put your hands on them. I could feel them melting. I didn’t know I was holding them, until I let go of them.’

‘I could feel the tension around my head melt away.’

‘That’s the first massage I’ve ever had that didn’t hurt me and yet my hips feel released.’

‘I felt a release of a blockage, in my belly, I felt a warm glow moving down towards my feet’.

‘I was totally zoned out. I haven’t been that relaxed for a very long time.’

‘My body felt all wonky before I came in and now I feel like every things back to normal.’

Ok so what do I do? I gently use the palms of my hands to pulse pressure on and off your body, along the energy pathways called meridians. Scientifically, meridians have now been shown to flow along paths of least resistance to electro magnetic energy. Blockages or stagnations can occur, through physical injury of the body, emotional trauma which results in subconscious holding of muscles tightly or long term low levels of stress which cause muscles to tighten. I also use my fingertips or thumbs to hold acupressure points. Each acupressure point has a specific effect, so no two treatments will be the same. Each of the 12 meridians also have certain qualities and I choose which ones to work on depending on your symptoms or what I feel with my hands. I work along arms, legs, hands, feet, face, neck, torso and the back. It’s a holistic treatment so even if you come with sciatica or a painful right shoulder, I’ll focus on these areas but I’ll also work the rest of your body too.

You receive Shiatsu fully clothed on a special futon mattress at ground level.

Every outcome is different. The results can be physical and/or emotional. You may feel an immediate release of physical symptoms or you may experience a feeling of clarity which helps you to see what you need to change in your life in order to feel better, aid recovery or accept what is. This could be a change of circumstance, a job/career, more time with friends or family, an improvement in diet or exercise. Again, as a holistic treatment, the changes you feel, and the changes you implement as a result of Shiatsu will be unique to each individual.

What I can say is that Shiatsu invites your body to initiate it’s own healing. It invites you in a safe and nurturing way to see your body, to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Your body never lies. If we can just take the time to tune in, to listen, and to give an honest reply then this is a huge step.

So whether it’s a once off deep relaxation treat, a programme of treatments over a number of weeks or a regular part of your self care during the year, your experience will be unique, supported and positive.

Tree Pose

Yoga Classes, Carrick on Shannon

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

My new Spring Yoga Classes begin this week and yes, they are suitable for beginners :)

  • Wednesday : 6pm & 7.30pm (both gentle evening yoga)
  • Thursday :  10.15am (gentle morning yoga) & 11.30am (strong yoga)
  • One to One Yoga : by appointment only. Tailored to your needs.Booking essential. Places limited. Venue – Carrick on Shannon.4 week term €40. Drop in €12.Call now to reserve your yoga class 086 8789546

    Classes are gentle but everyone has an opportunity to take poses deeper or hold them longer. Variations and supports are offered for all poses to make them accessible for all. The aim is to enjoy your practice at every level. A respect and acceptance of your body (and all bodies) is encouraged. Enjoying the movement, the journey and the present moment is our aim in every class. Accepting the present brings evolution and change.Everyones journey is personal and unique.Classes are often themed to work on certain topics, for example, to balance immunity, calm the nervous system, address insomnia, hormonal imbalances, stress & anxiety, to improve posture, settle digestion, reduce sugar cravings etc using acupressure points and yoga postures that settle the corresponding energy meridians.Meditation is also an integral part of classes. We take a few minutes at the beginning of every class to fully arrive, settle and set our intentions. Again at the end of class we have a 10 minute relaxation meditation to allow the work, physical and emotional, to assimilate within our bodies and minds. Bliss!11.30am Strong Yoga is more physically challenging and is for those who have practiced yoga for several terms and are comfortable with several rounds of sun salutations, or are athletic and feel strong.

    Strength, flexibility, balance and mindbody awareness are nurtured in every class.

    If you’d like to join me, Rebecca, please call 086 8789546 to reserve your place in class or to discuss any queries you may have further. Mats are provided.

    Poster artwork by Rebecca Allen (me!) ‘Vrksasana – Tree Pose’
    Tree Pose benefits include :
    – rejuvenation
    – balance & equilibrium to body and mind
    – relieves sciatica
    – improves concentration
    – strengthens the legs
    – improves balance
    – releases tension in the hips

    Enjoy trying out this and other postures in a friendly fun and welcoming class.

    Come join me on the my general Facebook page Holistic Yoga Life for daily holistic health updates.
    When you come to class you’ll also get access to our private Facebook Group, reserved for students attending my classes. It contains further information and some of my videos about what we cover in class.

yoga poses for stronger legs

Four Yoga Poses For Stronger Legs & Self Love

yoga poses for stronger legsNot only will these asana help to improve the physical strength of your legs they are also a great way to bring your focus into the present moment , help you feel very grounded and clearly form your personal boundaries. Use them to increase your confidence levels and to decrease stress hormones.

Strike a Warrior 2 when you need to tap into your inner confidence, a Vrksasana tree pose to embrace your sway/balance, Trikonasana the triangle to help find a different perspective on life and Parsvakonasana for clarity. Any pose helps you to observe your self talk in a challenging situation, be kind with yourself, stay present, accept the challenge because stress arises when we can’t accept the reality of a situation that we are unable to change. Accept the now, with self love and trust that the rest will evolve and follow. Listen to the needs of your body, respect it’s limitations and be grateful for whatever level of pose you can move into today.

These are all strong poses that require guidance from a teacher until you know how to get into and out of them safely, so find a local teacher and then use reminders like this one to trigger your memory for your home practice.

How has yoga helped you?


New Yoga Classes, Carrick on Shannon.

yoga class jan 14Yoga classes in Carrick-on-Shannon 2015, suitable for beginners, gentle yoga. New class starts Tuesday 6th January 6-7pm.

Fitness requirements to join this class?

If you can walk up a flight of stairs,  sit on the floor and get from the floor to standing up then you will feel be able to do this class. This class is ideal for those who have had a health scare, have not exercised for a long time, who don’t feel comfortable going to the gym or exercising in a competitive environment. Work at your own pace, gentle movements, slowly build strength and confidence over weeks and months. Each exercise is offered at a variety of levels from basic to more challenging. You’ll be encouraged to find your own level in which to work, everyone is different. Going deeper into a pose is not the object or the aim. Working with your body and mind, and raising awareness of the processes of mind and body is the emphasis of the class.

What is Yoga all about?

Occupy your true self in the New Year. Yoga will help you to find clarity, peace, acceptance and motivation. It will help you to deepen your roots, grow with strength and foundation, outreach your branches and reach the sky. You’ll also notice changes to your body … stronger, more flexible, less pain, better sleep, less anxiety, improved digestion, regulated hormones, balance of weight issues, self assertiveness.

My classes specialise in anxiety reduction.


Class Times :
New class Tuesdays 6-7pm
Tuesday improvers 7.30-8.30pm
Thursday improvers 10.15-11.15am

€40 for a four week term.
Booking essential … call Rebecca 086 8789546



Meditation, My Life Jacket

MeditationI’m a meditation fan. I first came across meditation by chance at the age of eleven or twelve. I am spiritual but not religious however like many of us in Ireland I was brought up a Catholic. I say this because the first time I ever heard about meditation was in a little booklet that I found in my local Church bookshop. I was completely fascinated by the cover, which I now know was a mandala. On this occasion I judged the book by its enticing cover and so I was led into the pages to discover a description of how to meditate. I tried it, I liked it, I grew to love it. It helped me map my way through the fall out of my parents break up.

Just knowing that I have meditation at my side feels like an anchor and strength whenever I find myself facing into turmoil. I throw on my meditative ‘life jacket’, buckle up, take hold of the oars and guide my boat through the storm, riding the waves and I keep on going. I can even enjoy the storm, the view can be quite spectacular, there are always things to make me laugh and smile, stormy skies are beautiful.

I have found that I need to practice meditation regularly for it to maintain effectiveness. Roughly fifteen minutes a day of meditation seems to do the trick, though of course I miss a day here and there, sometimes a week or two. It’s a bit like keeping fit, if you don’t exercise you begin to loose condition. It’s also like riding a bike and once you get back into practice its easy to find where you left off.

My advice would be, if you think meditation is worth a go, do it every day for at least three weeks. If possible start now, don’t wait for a crisis to arise before learning to do it. Have your meditation foundations set and your practice embedded in your life as a habit. That way you are fully equipped to stay calm and clear when a crisis, or as I prefer to call it, ‘a challenge’, arrives with your next set of life lessons.

They say the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. Similarly, the best time to learn to meditate is before a crisis hits. Have your lifejacket stowed under your seat before the storm hits and you’ll have a great chance of sailing through it.

Try out my two minute guided meditation. Sit comfortably cross legged on the floor or on a seat upright and feet flat on the floor. Let me know how you get on with this in the comments below.