Insomnia Point

How to Relieve Insomnia With Acupressure And Sleep Like A Baby

Insomnia can be extremely debilitating and frustrating, effecting every part of your life. Some people can pinpoint exactly what it is that’s keeping them awake, perhaps a worry about possible future events or a continuous replay of something that has happened in the past. Others just lie awake, unable to fall asleep, without there being anything in particular that’s keeping them up at night.

I see a lot of clients who suffer from insomnia and one of the acupressure points that I frequently use and find very effective is Heart Protector 6, called Nei Guan (Inner Pass). It is a very reliable point with a beautiful quality that gathers back scattered heart energy. If you are feeling off centred by stress or trauma then this point can gently but powerfully help you to safely rehouse your consciousness within your heart centre. It brings a sense of peace and calm, helps to quiet a racing mind and allows you to fall into a rejuvenating sleep. I love this point, it’s one of my favourites and I use it a lot in my practice with good results. I also use this point with my children when they are having trouble falling asleep. Children are so receptive to energy work it’s always an inspiration to witness the results.

How to Locate PC6 Inner Gate


PC6 Inner Gate Relieves Insomnia


The point lies three finger widths up from the wrist crease … that’s finger widths of the recipient, so if you are doing this to a child or another adult make allowances for their own finger size. If you are doing this to yourself you’ve no allowances to make! The point is in the centre of your arm, between the two tendons.

Press gently, make contact at skin level and wait here while you ‘say hello’. After 10 or 20 seconds you may feel the skin ‘melt’ a little, inviting your finger tip to sink a little deeper. No force or pressure is used. Simply rest your finger tip on the skin and with time it will naturally sink deeper if the recipient allows it to. They may or may not be aware of holding and releasing tension, your job is to simply wait and see. If you are pressing the point on yourself just see if you can consciously release the layers of skin, muscle and bone beneath your finger tip. Explore the idea. Have no expectation of a result. Simply allow your arm to acknowledge your finger tips presence and see what happens.

If there is no release or melting, do not force, simply hold the point as it is. Stay with the point for perhaps a minute, release and sink again. Repeat up to three times on each wrist. There should be no pain or discomfort, if there is, ease up. Sometimes there will be an energetic release or visible change, such as a big deep breath, a sigh, a big relaxation of a muscle or area of the body. Sometimes you will sense nothing. Sometimes the recipient will tell you later they saw colour, or sensed heat, an energy movement, reconnection, a memory … sometimes nothing. On some level something is happening. Remain non judgemental. Your only role is to remain fully present in the moment. Focusing on the sensation of the point will help you with this.

If it all seems a bit too mumbo jumbo, simply gently hold the point. Things are still happening.

Let me know how you get on and post any questions you might have for me here.