Six Ways To Improve Gut Flora

Six Ways To Improve Healthy Gut Flora :

  1. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables

    Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables

    Eat and drink one or more probiotic foods on a daily basis. eg kefir, kombucha, sauerkrout, kimchi or miso soup either homemade or from your Health Food store.

  2. Take a course of high quality probiotic tablets, available from your local Health Food store.
  3. Eat less acidic foods and more alkaline foods. eg less coffee and alcohol, more fruit and vegetables.
  4. Find a way to relax and de-stress on a regular daily basis. eg meditation, yoga, social group or hobby.
  5. For non vegetarians some organic bone broth soup can help the body to rebuild and repair. VisitNourished Kitchenfor recipes.
  6. Ensuring even a small amount of raw vegetables are included with every meal can aid digestive enzymes.

When gut flora is balanced many other health issues will often begin to resolve, including weight, hormonal imbalances, digestive difficulties, fatigue and nutrient levels.

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