Shiatsu Body Therapy for pain relief, deep relaxation and balancing of the bodies systems.

Shiatsu Body Therapy for pain relief, deep relaxation and balancing of the bodies systems.

During a healing treatment you remain fully clothed and relax on a futon mattress at ground level. I use a fusion of energy balancing (Shiatsu – acupressure), channelling Universal life force and alignment of Chakras. A treatment, including consultation, healing and post treatment discussion is generally an hour.

The Healing Session invites your body to activate it’s own internal healing processes. The experience is deeply relaxing. Relaxation is an effective way to counteract the stress response, which then allows your bodies natural healing abilities to work efficiently. The relaxation response brings those precious energies back to your bodies various functional systems such as the reproductive, digestive, immune and respiratory systems.


Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing form of ancient Japanese therapeutic body treatment.  It treats not only your symptoms but also the underlying causes of an illness or imbalance. I work with your consultation results and the flow of energy I sense throughout your body during the treatment to assess which energy meridians require attention in order to encourage the return of balance within your body system. No two treatments are the same and at each visit your Shiatsu is carefully and sensitively designed for you.

Chakra Balancing is a method used to balance each of these energy centres throughout your body. This can lead to improvements in physical, spiritual or emotional symptoms. Hands are gently held over the body. During balancing you may feel heat from my hands, see colour, feel pain dissipating, experience energy movement or deep healing relaxation.

Spirit Guides. I call for the assistance of my spirit guides and yours to be present for your healing session.


Shiatsu Testimonial
I was lucky enough to find Rebecca’s web site while on a quick trip to Ireland, and I couldn’t have been more pleased that I did. It had been a long time since I had had shiatsu, and Rebecca is a wonderful practitioner. She fixed me right up: Untwisting my shoulders, releasing a ton of tension, and helping me feel more balanced and grounded than I have been in months–all with very little pressure and that “magic” touch that is indicative of great shiatsu. I can’t thank Rebecca enough for making a challenging travel week much, much easier to bear! Too bad I wasn’t around longer to benefit from her expertise a few more times.
Sarah Hauber

Healing Testimonial
Thank u for a fantastic shiatsu/healing session this week. You have such an amazing talent and I am so grateful to you. Your treatments have carried me through the last year. R


Menu :

  • One hour Healing Session, including a consultation, €50.
    Return sessions within one month, €45.
  • Half hour Healing Session €30 – intuitive (no consultation)
  • Fifteen minute mini Healing Zap, €15 – intuitive (no consultation)

To book your Healing Session please call me on 086 8789546