Gut Health – Five Signs That Your Gut Flora Are Out Of Balance

There are manEating wholefoods supports gut healthy who believe that gut health is the foundation of wellness, in both body and mind. What is gut health? Occurring naturally in our small intestines is an ecosystem of beneficial bacteria and yeasts. They live in symbiosis (in harmony) with us. We provide food in our intestines that they digest and thrive on, in return, we have evolved to digest the nutrients that are released during this process. It’s a perfect match, it’s a win win situation. Humans, bacteria and yeasts have evolved together over thousands of years and we rely on this process to help digest our food and extract the nutrients we need for optimum survival. It’s a beautifully balanced environment.

Well it used to be a beautifully balanced environment. What happened? Anti-biotics, chlorinated water, preservatives, lifeless processed foods and stress happened. When we eat and drink foods containing these ingredients it can have a devastating impact on our gut flora.

Five Signs That Your Gut Flora Is Out Of Balance :

  1. Indigestion : without the correct balance of gut flora our digestion is not what it should be.
  2. Food intolerances : without the correct balance of gut flora we are only semi digesting some foods which can lead to our bodies not recognising and reacting against some foods we eat.
  3. Repeated bouts of thrush for women : with the wrong set of gut flora more acidic conditions occur in the body, conditions in which candida (thrush yeasts) flourish and dominate.
  4. Fatigue : if we aren’t able to digest and absorb nutrients efficiently we are going to feel tired.
  5. Immune System Imbalance : you may be susceptible to many infections or your immune system may have become confused and attack it’s own body tissue, over react to foreign bodies or not recognise pathogens that should be removed.

Other possible signs that our gut flora is out of balance, according to some researchers :
Mental illness, ADHD & ADD, cancer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and immune system disorders.

To assist your gut health eat as much unprocessed foods as possible and include some raw fruit and vegetables. If you’ve taken a course of anti-biotics talk to your Health Store about probiotics to help replenish your healthy gut bacteria.

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