Ginger & Turmeric Anti-Nausea Drink for Upset Tummies

There’s a vomiting bug doing the rounds! Oh the joys of it! I’ve just made a brew for my poorly girl so I thought I’d share what I give my kids when they need something very gentle to help settle an upset tummy. It’s not just for calming a belly retching from a tummy bug, it will also help to ease any feelings of nausea. Both ginger and turmeric are settling and anti-inflammatory.

Settling An Upset Tummy

Settling An Upset Tummy

It’s easy to make.

In a mug or heat proof glass add one thin slice of ginger and two slices of turmeric. Cover with freshly boiled water. Leave this to cool down to body temperature. You can then remove the slices if you wish but I prefer to leave them in. Let your little patient sip it slowly. 


Be aware that turmeric can permanently stain surfaces and fabrics. 

Here’s a top tip. If you don’t use a lot of these spices in your daily cooking you can ensure a fresh supply by storing sliced ginger and turmeric in the freezer.

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