Grieving With Shiatsu Support

Grieving With ShiatsuWhen I experienced grief after my Fathers death, I felt lost. Nobody had ever told me what it would be like,  how it would feel or how to care for myself during grieving. There was no plan to put in place. When you are pregnant and a life is entering your world you are encouraged to write a birth plan, to learn about the process and to be fully engaged. Everyone talks about it and celebrates the event. At the other end of lifes precious spectrum, as death is coming, nobody was there to explain what the process might be, how it might unfold or what I should do after the last breath to mark the passing. Perhaps things go differently in a hospice setting but I was totally unprepared when my Father died in Intensive Care after several weeks of illness. Read more


Feeling Crappy? Try This …

Posture is so important for your health and happiness. Slumped posture can be the result of feeling crappy, it’s reflected in your contracted deflated posture. Bad posture can also be habitual and then this in turn leads to feeling crappy … depression, headaches, asthma, inflammation, unexplained body pain, constipation, hormonal imbalances and the list goes on.

The good news is, that if you improve your posture and smile, whatever the original cause … you will feel a whole lot better both physically and emotionally. Happy posture releases happy hormones. Improved posture also reduces a huge amount of physical strain on your body and you’ll have more energy because of this, you’ll also have more energy because you’ll be able to breath properly. Breathing properly brings improved oxygen into your body for optimal function of your organs, systems and even a clearer mind.

Check your posture, you can do this by getting somebody to take a side view photograph, stand tall and smile. It takes times to rectify the changes that a bad posture has embedded in your body, so make small changes without forcing or straining.

As part of Shiatsu treatments or yoga I always include postural assessment and awareness because it’s one of the keystones of holistic health and happiness.

Take your rightful place on this Earth by standing tall, shining your heart out and being fully present in your expansive, beautiful, miraculous body.


Boost Your Bliss

Two Minute Guided Relaxation Meditation [video]

The weather this week in Ireland has been unusually sunny so I’ve been making the most of our Indian summer and shot a few guided meditations outdoors. Here’s one you can try, it’s short and sweet. What might a two minute meditation do for you? Well if you sit or lie down, switch off everything else, and listen …. you are likely to experience a range of immediate benefits including a boost of bliss, relished relaxation and an elevation of energy. Those are the things people often tell me they feel straight away. There’s other more long term things going on too like blood pressure normalising, hormones balancing (including stress hormones reducing and happy hormones increasing), deeper more refreshing sleep, less physical pain and an increase in compassion for yourself and others. That’s an pretty incredible list isn’t it!

After just a 3 minute meditation that I shared a women told me that her asthma improved beyond belief, another lady slept deeply for the first time in months since she lost a loved one and a Mum told me the next day that she didn’t shout at her kids getting ready for the school run. These results that are real and make not only a different to you but all of those around you.

Let me know how you get on with this meditation. What benefits are you feeling and noticing? If there’s a particular challenge in life, physical or emotional, that you are facing, get in touch and I’ll tailor a 2 minute meditation or holistic health video for you to post here.

Boost Your Bliss

Boost Your Bliss

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