Yoga Classes, Carrick on Shannon, Co Leitrim

January 2016 sees a new year, a fresh start and a new yoga term here in Carrick on Shannon, Co Leitrim. Whether you are a total beginner or hoping to develop your existing yoga practice there’s a class for you.

2016 January Yoga Term. 

Tuesday 5th January. 10.15am. Introduction to Yoga and Self Care.

Wednesday 6th January. 7.30pm. Evening Gentle Yoga.
Wed FULLY BOOKED – Join the waiting list or drop in standby list.

Thursday 7th January. 10.15am. Beginners and Continuers Yoga Class.

Thursday 7th January. 11.30am. Strong Yoga.

January is a 4 week term. €40 for 4 weeks or €12 per week subject to availability.
Taking bookings now for 2016 classes.

Venue : Rebecca Allen Clinic, The Studio, over Quidsworth, Main St.

Call 086 8789546 to book your place.

Vrksasana on the beach

Vrksasana on the beach

Just Be

Just Be

Just Be

Where My Road Should Be!

During the night, storm Desmond rained on us, a lot. This morning the route I planned to take was flooded. My path was blocked. I had a go at passing through. I opened the door of my car so I could see how far up the water was coming, and drove slowly. At a certain point it was definitely time to retreat. I knew I could get to where I wanted taking another road but it meant back tracking and adding an extra 10 minutes onto my journey. I might be a bit late for my course. I reversed out of the water, driving slowly so as not to splash water up underneath the car. Then, instead of rushing to make up for lost time, I stopped, and looked, and listened.

The sky was amazing, streaked with ripples of white cloud and ribbons of blue. The reflections in the water, where my road should have been, were breathtaking. The air was fresh and clean.  Even the sound of birds calling were clearer.

So often in life, things take a different direction to the one we had planned or hoped for. Obstacles appear, circumstances change, priorities evolve and the route we thought we were travelling changes.  The destination can change too.

Such simple daily events can offer insight to how we live and the habits we perpetuate. My initial instinct was to push on through, or rush along another route putting my foot to the floor to make up for the lost time. Remember meditation and how to take it out into daily life. Remember to stop, to breath, to be. Don’t miss the beauty in the moment, even the challenging ones, when life isn’t going according to your original plan.