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Where Does The Heat Come From?

RA hands 1This is a question I am often asked during a Shiatsu or healing massage. Sometimes I’m not aware that the heat has started channelling energy until the recipient mentions it. Everybody has the potential to use this healing gift, it’s not exclusive to just some individuals.

Most Mothers instinctively use it, placing hands on their childrens aches and pains to soothe them. To begin using it, place both hands lightly on the person you are treating.

Sit or stand in good postural alignment, so that the energy can flow unrestricted through you. Wear flat shoes, or no shoes, so you can solidly ground downwards. Bring your focus to the crown of your head, the crown chakra and ask for universal life force to flow. Stay open to this. Heat may begin to build in the palms of your hands and the person you are treating will probably notice.

Where does it come from? It is Universal life force, energy, prana, chi, ki, divine … whatever you want to call it. I don’t try to name it, it happens anyway. I simply let it flow and do its work … to energise, restore, balance and invite healing.

I also work by sensing and removing blocks of energy flow within your body, inviting the energy pathways (meridians) to open, fill and flow freely.

So a treatment is like a refuel of Universal life force. A tune up and balancing of your energy meridians.


Meditation Course

New OnLine Meditation Course for Beginners

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Online Meditation Course for Beginners
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Meditation Course

Meditation Course