Wonderful tension release for neck, back & shoulders.

What to expect when you go for a Shiatsu massage

When clients call me to book a Shiatsu massage and ask me what it involves, I never feel like I’ve quite got the full picture across. I’ve come to accept that that’s ok! You can never fully explain in words what a Shiatsu massage feels like, you have to experience it. Even if I could explain what it’s like for me, your own experience will be different and unique to you.

Wonderful tension release for neck, back & shoulders.

Wonderful tension release for neck, back & shoulders.

Before I try to explain, and before I fall short of truly getting across verbally the deep sense of relaxation and arriving home that you may feel … I’ll let clients speak for themselves. Here are some comments people have said as they rise from the floor after their Shiatsu :

Wow, that was amazing, I know you tried to explain what it would be like but you really have to experience it to understand … like, wow, I haven’t felt this relaxed since … I really can’t remember how long it’s been’.

‘I didn’t realise how tense my shoulders were until you put your hands on them. I could feel them melting. I didn’t know I was holding them, until I let go of them.’

‘I could feel the tension around my head melt away.’

‘That’s the first massage I’ve ever had that didn’t hurt me and yet my hips feel released.’

‘I felt a release of a blockage, in my belly, I felt a warm glow moving down towards my feet’.

‘I was totally zoned out. I haven’t been that relaxed for a very long time.’

‘My body felt all wonky before I came in and now I feel like every things back to normal.’

Ok so what do I do? I gently use the palms of my hands to pulse pressure on and off your body, along the energy pathways called meridians. Scientifically, meridians have now been shown to flow along paths of least resistance to electro magnetic energy. Blockages or stagnations can occur, through physical injury of the body, emotional trauma which results in subconscious holding of muscles tightly or long term low levels of stress which cause muscles to tighten. I also use my fingertips or thumbs to hold acupressure points. Each acupressure point has a specific effect, so no two treatments will be the same. Each of the 12 meridians also have certain qualities and I choose which ones to work on depending on your symptoms or what I feel with my hands. I work along arms, legs, hands, feet, face, neck, torso and the back. It’s a holistic treatment so even if you come with sciatica or a painful right shoulder, I’ll focus on these areas but I’ll also work the rest of your body too.

You receive Shiatsu fully clothed on a special futon mattress at ground level.

Every outcome is different. The results can be physical and/or emotional. You may feel an immediate release of physical symptoms or you may experience a feeling of clarity which helps you to see what you need to change in your life in order to feel better, aid recovery or accept what is. This could be a change of circumstance, a job/career, more time with friends or family, an improvement in diet or exercise. Again, as a holistic treatment, the changes you feel, and the changes you implement as a result of Shiatsu will be unique to each individual.

What I can say is that Shiatsu invites your body to initiate it’s own healing. It invites you in a safe and nurturing way to see your body, to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Your body never lies. If we can just take the time to tune in, to listen, and to give an honest reply then this is a huge step.

So whether it’s a once off deep relaxation treat, a programme of treatments over a number of weeks or a regular part of your self care during the year, your experience will be unique, supported and positive.

Tree Pose

Yoga Classes, Carrick on Shannon

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

My new Spring Yoga Classes begin this week and yes, they are suitable for beginners :)

  • Wednesday : 6pm & 7.30pm (both gentle evening yoga)
  • Thursday :  10.15am (gentle morning yoga) & 11.30am (strong yoga)
  • One to One Yoga : by appointment only. Tailored to your needs.Booking essential. Places limited. Venue – Carrick on Shannon.4 week term €40. Drop in €12.Call now to reserve your yoga class 086 8789546

    Classes are gentle but everyone has an opportunity to take poses deeper or hold them longer. Variations and supports are offered for all poses to make them accessible for all. The aim is to enjoy your practice at every level. A respect and acceptance of your body (and all bodies) is encouraged. Enjoying the movement, the journey and the present moment is our aim in every class. Accepting the present brings evolution and change.Everyones journey is personal and unique.Classes are often themed to work on certain topics, for example, to balance immunity, calm the nervous system, address insomnia, hormonal imbalances, stress & anxiety, to improve posture, settle digestion, reduce sugar cravings etc using acupressure points and yoga postures that settle the corresponding energy meridians.Meditation is also an integral part of classes. We take a few minutes at the beginning of every class to fully arrive, settle and set our intentions. Again at the end of class we have a 10 minute relaxation meditation to allow the work, physical and emotional, to assimilate within our bodies and minds. Bliss!11.30am Strong Yoga is more physically challenging and is for those who have practiced yoga for several terms and are comfortable with several rounds of sun salutations, or are athletic and feel strong.

    Strength, flexibility, balance and mindbody awareness are nurtured in every class.

    If you’d like to join me, Rebecca, please call 086 8789546 to reserve your place in class or to discuss any queries you may have further. Mats are provided.

    Poster artwork by Rebecca Allen (me!) ‘Vrksasana – Tree Pose’
    Tree Pose benefits include :
    – rejuvenation
    – balance & equilibrium to body and mind
    – relieves sciatica
    – improves concentration
    – strengthens the legs
    – improves balance
    – releases tension in the hips

    Enjoy trying out this and other postures in a friendly fun and welcoming class.

    Come join me on the my general Facebook page Holistic Yoga Life for daily holistic health updates.
    When you come to class you’ll also get access to our private Facebook Group, reserved for students attending my classes. It contains further information and some of my videos about what we cover in class.


Ginger & Turmeric Anti-Nausea Drink for Upset Tummies

There’s a vomiting bug doing the rounds! Oh the joys of it! I’ve just made a brew for my poorly girl so I thought I’d share what I give my kids when they need something very gentle to help settle an upset tummy. It’s not just for calming a belly retching from a tummy bug, it will also help to ease any feelings of nausea. Both ginger and turmeric are settling and anti-inflammatory.

Settling An Upset Tummy

Settling An Upset Tummy

It’s easy to make.

In a mug or heat proof glass add one thin slice of ginger and two slices of turmeric. Cover with freshly boiled water. Leave this to cool down to body temperature. You can then remove the slices if you wish but I prefer to leave them in. Let your little patient sip it slowly. 


Be aware that turmeric can permanently stain surfaces and fabrics. 

Here’s a top tip. If you don’t use a lot of these spices in your daily cooking you can ensure a fresh supply by storing sliced ginger and turmeric in the freezer.