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Rebecca Allen Clinic - Shiatsu, Yoga and Meditation

Massage for Women

Healing massage sessions for women are a fusion of Chakra and energy meridian balancing. This encourages your bodies natural healing systems to work with ease.

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Yoga, Co Leitrim

Journey back to the beautiful reality of the true you, that is you, right now. Yoga improves your strength, flexibility, physical & mental health. It can help you to feel calm, present, relaxed, energised and strong.

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Stress Reduction

In our one to one session you’ll  learn effective self help ways to reduce stress;  Gentle movement, a breathing technique, acupressure and guided meditation. Bliss!

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I help women to reduce stress & anxiety so they feel confident and equipped to deal with lifes challenges in a positive life affirming way.


Once-off Shiatsu massage therapy deep relaxation treat

In-depth programme of Shiatsu treatments for up to six weeks with healing focus

One-to-one yoga tailored to your level or healing needs

Yoga classes

Personalised guided meditation MP3 audio download

On line meditation course – coming soon


I attended Rebecca’s Shiatsu clinic for the successful treatment of a physical leg injury. During our initial consultation I also mentioned that I suffer with extremely heavy periods. I am delighted that not only did my injury heal but my periods are now what I would call ‘normal’ and that’s a very significant change for me.

Rebecca’s Yoga classes are so enjoyable and relaxing. I attended classes years ago and when I took it up with Rebecca This year I Realised What A Natural Teacher She Is. Her classes flow beautifully and if u come in stressed u go out on a cloud. Her classes have such a lovely energy too which I enjoy. I love the class size too because u get individual attention and she knows her students and what they r able for. Rebecca has truly found her vocation in life I feel both with her Yoga and her Shiatsu.

Had one of the most relaxing treatments I’ve ever experienced. Thanks Rebecca.

Rebecca is an amazing therapist with great intuition. Her presence is calm and healing and her treatment is pure bliss both physically and mentally. Love her!

Rebecca is an amazing therapist who treats the whole person mind, body and spirit. She will listen to you and facilitate the healing process through meditation, shiatsu or nutritional therapy. A gifted lady indeed.

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